The Unusual Activities Riders in Mandalika Super Bike Chanpionship 2021

The riders Superbike Championship at the Mandalika Circuit has made a buzz around the world. This was due to heavy rain that flushed the Mandalika Circuit during race 1 of the 2021 WSBK. The heavy rain flushed the circuit caused puddles of water around it. While the racers who were already preparing had to return to their respective paddocks, some of them took advantage of this condition to carry out unique activities.

Here are some moments where the riders perform quite unique stunts at the Mandalika Circuit.

Soaking in a bucket

One of the Pata Yamaha racers, Andrea Locatelli, performed an odd action by soaking in a plastic bucket instead  a bath tub when first landed on Mandalika. This is known from a short video uploaded by Yamaha Racing on their twitter, @yamaharacingcom. In the video, Toprak and Locatelli are seen soaking in the water to feel cooler.

Bathing in a heavy rain

The hilarious action of a French rider Jules Cluzel has gone viral on social media Tik Tok. By wearing blue underpants and shirtless only, he bathed under the heavy rain that was pouring down the racing arena.  A member of the racing crew also helped him pour the liquid from a bottle that was believed to be dish soap from Indonesia, which Jules Cluzel immediately rubbed on his head.

Run out of gas

Yamaha MS Racing riders Dani Valle and Unai Orradre seized the chance to go around the area on their motorcycles. They welcome to the villages they meet along the road and also went to one of the schools and met with students who were studying.

The funny moment is when Dani Valle and Unai Orradre run out of gas in the middle of the road, they stopped by and refueled at a local gas seller on the side of the road.

via instagram

Mowing the grass with peasant

Toprak Razgatlioglu, one of the WSBK champion candidates, did something unusual while touring the Mandalika Circuit before race 1. He was filmed mowing the grass with the farmers on the Mandalika Circuit.

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